These make up pads are great for replacing cotton wool when removing your make up.


The Soft black fleece backing is gentle on your skin and eye areas.


The washable make up pads means that there is no daily waste (unlike the cotton wool pads)


After cleansing your face with your usaual toner or facial cleanser just pop them into the washing machine using the netted wash bag ( purchased seperatly) and your cotton face pads will come out clean and once air dried be ready for use, again and again! 


Directions for using your facial cleansing pads

Wet the cotton face pads before use .


Apply your usaul make up remover or toner to the pad.


Eco pads can be hand washed or pop into a netted wash bag (sold seperatly) and pop on a 30* wash, allow to air dry, then they are ready to reuse again and again!


10 pads in a pack



Black backing so no make up marks left behind! Please note the top fabric will differ from photograph!


SUPPRISE MIX of Reusable cotton pads -black backed! -make up removal




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