This set of 5 handmade  eco-friendly  wipes are super handy for babys nappy changes instead of baby wipes or for faces and sticky fingers( wet them and pop in a re-sealable zippy bag ( I sometimes use a zip locking food bag or a simple wash bag will do the same job! no need to spend out lots- although i can make a wet bag at a additional cost if you wish)


This is to keep them ready for use-the zippy bag can be used again and again so no extra waste here!) - I suggest two different pattern prints to distinguish between the two if you are using them for bottoms and faces ! ! (Don't want the two getting mixed up lol)


or.....Use these wipes also with your normal facial toner/make up removers wash by hand or on a low 20/30' wash, air dry and they are ready to go again and again! Win!-Win! ( For nappy changes and faces i reccomend the soft fleece backed wipes, however these also come with towelling, which is good for stubburn sticky messes or exfoliating your skin!) Please message me to tell me which you would prefer... I can also do a mix if you prefer! 


Absorbent towelling or soft fleece on reverse.


Reusable! Eco Friendly!  Washable baby wipes! Good for your purse and the Eco friendly!


Please note**** Patterns may vary from in photograph due to high demand so please contact Cheeki chops handmade baby accessories for specifics.


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Health and safety


Please do not leave baby/child unattended with product and remove before sleeping.



Reusable cotton wipes -wipes-eco friendly

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