Potty training!

So that dreaded time has arrived again with baby number 4! Potty training!?!

You would think by number 4 I would be a pro at this... but with a 9 year gap it feels like a 1st baby all over again!

I have tried all sorts and like most mummys and now I have resorted to bribery! ( I know tut tut)

She is currently sat on the potty holding my phone listening to a video of running water! lol ( no wee as yet!)

Now she has turned 2 there seems to be a lot of pressure for her to be dry, lots of milestones in general.

I received a questionnaire through the post for her 2 year old health check, and the questions you have to answer make you start to question if they are at the right stage in their development and should you be doing more with them.

There is so much pressure for them-even at a playgroup age, they have to do this by that age or they are "below average" then moving on to school you have SATS for as young as year 2's..... this puts a huge amount of pressure and stress on the children (and their teachers) and is there really any need??? Every child is different, we all have our strengths and weaknesses... kids should just be allowed to be kids, nurture them and they will flourish and learn in their own time.... Does the education system put too much pressure on our children and their teachers? I think so....





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