Are you trying to reduce your waste? Trying to go #plasticfree? Then Cheeki chops handmade re-usable sanitary pads, wipes, facial pads (and more!) are the ideal purchase to start you on your sustainability journey.


Remember, 'We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly'

No change is too small to make a difference to our planet!

Cloth pads
Handmade reusable washable cloth sanitary pads.

These pads are ideal for replacing your disposable plastic sanitary pads.

The Top fabric will vary from in the photograph, as these these are made to order, therefore will take a couple of days so please allow a little extra time, If you need these in a hurry-please pop me a message and i will do my best to accommodate.
Fake tan mitt
Handmade washable fake tan mitt, Black soft fleece with inner PUL waterproof breathable fabric for stain resistance.

Pretty top fabric (Black side only for tanning lotion use)
Handmade lanyard with a quick release neck clip and lobster clip for I.D holding.

Various themed lanyards available.

Pop me a message if there is a particular theme you are after, I will endeavour to meet your needs.
Felt bunting
Handmade personalised bunting with pom poms!

All of my bunting is hand drawn patterns, hand cut and glued! Each banner is totally unique-as unique as the person you are buying it for!!

Waxed cotton cord with felt flags, letters and pom poms!
Kitchen roll
Reusable kitchen Roll, ideal for replacing disposable kitchen roll.
Washable and absorbent to mop up spills around the house, wash after use in the washing machine and allow to air dry or low heat in the tumble dryer.
Your kitchen roll will be ready to use time after time, no more running out!
These washable wipes are great for replacing cotton wool or single use disposable baby/facial wipes when changing babys bottom or removing your make up.

The Soft white fleece backing is gentle on your (and baby's) skin and delicate areas.

The washable wipes mean that there is no daily waste (unlike the cotton wool pads and disposable wet wipes)
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'Don't be afraid to dream, for out of such fragile things come miracles'

Tim Atkins




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