Are you trying to reduce your waste? Trying to go #plasticfree? Then Cheeki chops handmade re-usable sanitary pads, wipes, facial pads (and more!) are the ideal purchase to start you on your sustainability journey.


Remember, 'We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly'

No change is too small to make a difference to our planet!

Handmade Christmas stockings
Reusable cotton pads
use for make up removal with your usual make up lotions.
Reusable cotton wipes
Wash-dry and reuse over and over again!
Reusable kitchen roll
use-wash-dry and reuse again and again!
Reusable nail varnish pads
Nail varnish pads-wash-dry and reuse!!!
Kitchen dishcloths
Handmade floral dishcloths, cotton top and towelling reverse.
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'Don't be afraid to dream, for out of such fragile things come miracles'

Tim Atkins




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Handmade Christmas stockings